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Pictures From Hawaii

For the past week I’ve been off playing in the sun and wanted to share some photos of my trip with you from Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii. My husband and I were supposed to be on a Panama Canal cruise right now, only my doctor didn’t want me to do that. He said I could go to Hawaii though so here we are. The ice from home has finally melted off us and we’re enjoying the warm weather. Except for naming the flowers, I’ll say what the photos are of. I will do a card post in another 2 or 3 days. 

Click on a picture to enlarge and see description.

These first 6 photos were taken on Waikiki Beach area. We’ve been to the Honolulu airport many times but never spent any time on Oahu. We stayed in the Waikiki area and the sunset photos are from our first evening there. It was stunning! The tree I believe is a Banyan tree and they are so amazing when you look at them. It’s almost as the roots grow down from the branches, very interesting. Chickens roam all over Oahu and this one was across the street from the beach. Goats also roam freely on the island.

The next grouping of photos are of Pearl Harbor. This was an emotional experience for us and very touching. My great uncle spent his career in the Navy and was stationed on a ship in Hawaii on that fateful Sunday morning. I’m not positive of which ship he was serving on at the time. He did survive after spending about six hours in the water. I never heard him talk of his experience but that isn’t unusual for men who served in wars. We visited the Air Museum (sorry no pictures of that or the submarine we went on), the Missouri and the Arizona Memorial. I am posting 2 pictures of parts of the Arizona that you can see above water. An interesting fact I learned, men who survived the Arizona were able to have their ashes interned on the ship when they died. The Navy has divers who would that it was done so they could join their shipmates.

The snack bar picture was included so you could see the prices they paid for snacks when the ship was last used during Desert Storm in the early 1990’s. The Hershey bars were almost twice the size they are now. The ammo picture below, the shell holds 3 100 lb bags of gun powder and weights 2,000 lbs. I wonder how they loaded it…

One day we drove around most of the island. The ocean photos I took on the North Shore. The waves that day were only about 10′ but very powerful. The flowers are waterfall are from a State Park/Botanical Garden, Waimea Falls, that is dedicated to the Hawaiians. You can swim in the waterfall pool if you desire, we didn’t. The gardens are beautiful and have plants that date back about 200 years from all over the world from warm climates.

Now we have traveled to the Big Island. Terry and I used to have a condo on this island and have spent lots of time here. What that means is that I haven’t taken but 4 pictures since we got here. The first two are my favorites as it’s the view from the church we attend on the island. It sits on an ocean front lot. Hawaii has lots of rules and red tape for development on ocean front property. It took the church at least 10 years to get permission to be able to build bathrooms on the property. All they had prior to that was the church one room building that they outgrew many years ago. They put up tents for the overflow since they’re not allowed to do anything else. The other picture is our view from our hotel room.

I hope you enjoyed seeing something different for a change. I love seeing vacation photos of others and that’s why I shared with you. This also gives a little insight to things that interest both me and my husband, Terry. Thank you for enjoying this journey with me. This trip was the best medicine for me at the right time.

Happy future adventures to you, Bonnie-Lynn


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  1. Beautiful pictures Bonnie! I could almost feel the warm breeze and smell the fragrant blooms! Enjoy the warmth, it was 16 degrees here this morning!

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